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Kimiko the Fosterling - Part 2

The many faces of Kimiko. She constantly makes faces to reflect her mood (as seen on the instructions in my last post).

She also lets you know how she feels about the results of the rock-paper-scissors game!

The stats at the bottom of the screen show her age (0), as well as the time, as mentioned in the last post.

Kimiko the Fosterling - Part 1

A few people have contacted me in the past about this pet. It’s different to any other pet I’ve had, but I’ve only played with it properly once, and that was years ago. So here it is.

I’ve included scans of the instructions, which also show the growth chart and facial expressions.

There are three main buttons and one recessed reset button on the front of the unit. The first button scrolls left through the icons, the third button scrolls right through the icons, and the second button selects the icon. There is no cancel button.

The stats are displayed along the bottom of the screen. Age, time, IQ and weight are shown by numbers on the left. You toggle between the four by selecting the relevant icon. Age starts at 0 (shown in the next post), IQ starts at 100, and weight starts at 3 Kg. Happiness (face icon) and health (heart icon) are shown by bars on the right. The number of bars ranges from 0 to a maximum of 4.


fun fact: you have more of a chance of marrying your favourite band member than you do of winning the lottery and if that didn’t brighten up your day then what will

Although I have a better chance of winning the lottery than marrying my second favourite man in the world - Graham Norton.

Went on a day trip to York and came back with two cuddly toys because I couldn’t resist those faces.
My IKEA rat has a friend now!

Aoi-Chantchi on the Tamagotchi P’s




a post where I explain with images how foxes are the best thing ever, and how if you disagree you are obviously wrong

Babies 😱


V4s are one of my favourite versions, so I struggle to part with them (I have the same problem with P1s!). I got this one in an eBay lot fairly recently, and I was intending on selling it, but I loved the design so much I just couldn’t part with it. Instead, I decided to paint it with glittery nail polish. Now it sparkles in the sun and looks even more gorgeous.

The Tamas I’m selling are on eBay right now. I have V2s, V3s, V4s(!), a V4.5, and Music Stars. They range in condition from almost perfect to broken, please read the descriptions (my listings are always brutally honest):


I’m in the UK but I ship worldwide. Any questions just ask, either via eBay or on here :)

P.S. I’m also selling a charm I made, UK only though (unless you buy a Tama from me then I’ll make an exception!):


Micro Pet - tricks and walkies!

My dog has learned to shake hands/paws and jump.

As he is now toilet trained he can go for a walk outside. While on walkies you can make him perform the tricks he’s learned. He’ll also go to the toilet outside, meaning you don’t have any mess to clean up!

Turns out going to bed doesn’t help when there’s a mobile version.

Well, it’s nearly 2am so I should really be in bed.
Curse you GPX+ for releasing the new Pokemon while the shiny hunt is on - I HAVE to find a bloody shiny Blitzle first!!!

Well, it’s nearly 2am so I should really be in bed.

Curse you GPX+ for releasing the new Pokemon while the shiny hunt is on - I HAVE to find a bloody shiny Blitzle first!!!